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CMAC Shaolin

The last week was great!!! The weather was good so we did allot of training and running. Morgan and I ran all the way to the top of the mountain. I’m defiantly going to miss this place and the mentality

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Hanshi’s Note (Part 2)

“For those that know the way there are many – For those who practice the way there are few.” Youth is not a time of life it is a state of mind. Keep the wonder in your life by looking

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4. Catching the Bull

I seize him with a terrific struggle. His great will and power are inexhaustible. He charges to the high plateau far above the cloud-mists, Or in an impenetrable ravine he stands. Comment:  He dwelt in the forest a long time,

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Hanshi’s Note (Part 1)

“For those that know the way there are many – For those who practice the way there are few.” This is a famous saying in budo credited to the Bodhidarma from ancient China but to me it is amazing how

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CMAC Shaolin – Week 5

The third week went by really quickly despite not getting a whole lot of training in. It seems the monks really don’t like training in the rain. We have missed four whole days of training because it’s been too wet.

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3. Perceiving the Bull

I hear the song of the nightingale, The sun is warm, the wind is mild, willows are green along the shore, Here no bull can hide! What artist can draw that massive head, those majestic horns? Comment: when one hears

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