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Fueling the Body’s Fire

~ by Senpai Christian Schnabel 空手は湯の如し絶えず熱度を与えざれば元の水に還る Karate Wa Yu No Gotoku Taezu Netsu O Atae Zareba Motono Mizuni Kaeru Karate is like boiling water; without heat, it returns to its tepid state. –        Sensei Gichin Funakoshi, Niju Kun (Twenty Prrecepts)

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Going Walk-About: From Hasu Dojo to the Kurama Yama and Ka Muso Kai Dojos

“All monks were great travellers. They walked for miles and miles through fields, and over mountains, going from temple to temple looking for those who would get their spark to flash… to cause them reach Wu or satoryi” Alan Watts

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5. Taming the Bull

The whip and rope are necessary, Else he might stray off down some dusty road. Being well trained, he becomes naturally gentle. Then, unfettered, he obeys his master. Comment: When one thought arises, another thought follows. When the first thought

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Psychosomatic medicine

Think yourself well You can. But it helps to think well of yourself in the first place Article from the Dec 8th edition of The Economist http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21567876-you-can-it-helps-think-well-yourself-first-place-think-yourself The link between mind and body is terrain into which many medical researchers,

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Thank you to Canada’s original Master Sommelier – John Szabo

For those of you who missed the 9th Goju Wine tasting at the holiday party, or were too worse for wear to remember the wines sampled, here they are with a link to John’s new book. Cheers Sensei 1. MARCEL

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