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Daily Archives: February 5, 2018

Grading Results – Feb 1, 2018

Karate-Do: Adult Shodan Sacha Campion (E) Karate-Do: Children 4th Kyu Lin Chow Feldman (S) Serena Yong (S) Damian Yong (S) White/Yellow Aazar Siddiqui Santiago Kandar Outstanding Performances: Lin Chow Feldman (S) Serena Yong (S) Damian Yong (S) We expect through diligent study,

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The Heart Sutra Will Change You Forever By Karl Brunnholzl Part 1

Finding Wisdom in the Emptiness Penetrate the true meaning of the Heart Sutra, says Karl Brunnhölzl, and nothing will be the same again. The secret is making it personal. There is no doubt that the Heart Sutra is the most

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