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Truth We become aware of the truth when we stop and listen to our inner voice. Then we can use it as a guide for our actions and decisions.

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Taking time out to contemplate my past experiences gives me insight to clarify my future endeavours.

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Monk Mode

Monk mode… and five other tips for work-life balance https://www.bbc.com/ideas/videos/monk-mode-and-five-other-tips-for-work-life-balanc/p05t70bk?playlist=how-to-navigate-modern-ethical-dilemmas

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An unusual report

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The Bartender’s Knife

The Chinatown district of Yokokama has been famous for its lively entertainment strip, which caters to the pleasure of tourists and servicemen. One hot summer night, not too many years ago, a seamen’s sayonara party was taking place in one

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Appreciation I am thankful that, in any given moment, I can find wonder and be awed by the gifts that life has to offer.

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Tai chi for managing chronic pain

Tai chi as good as or better than aerobic exercise for managing chronic pain March 21, 2018, British Medical Journal A graphic abstract to accompany The BMJ research paper: Tai chi as good as or better than aerobic exercise for

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Solve for X

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Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyohan: Practice Fighting

by Yamaguchi Gogen “The Cat” Editor’s note:  This article is the third in a three part series excerpted from Yamaguschi’s classic karate text, “Goju Ryu Karate Do Kyohan: The History and Fundamentals of Goju-Ryu Karate,” now in reprint. Previous articles

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Grading Results – April 15, 2018

Karate-Do: Youth 5th Kyu Alessio Roi (E) Yasmine Ghalayini (E) Karate-Do: Children 3rd Kyu Jiya Rathod (E) Noam Pringle (E) Ben Pringle (E) 4th Kyu Pooja Tanvi Kurupati  Isa Rekers Benjamin Dirks (E) 5th Kyu Dimitar Genov Jason Alder Ryan Alder Takuma

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