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What is Kama and how does it work? 2

BY LION’S ROAR STAFF| MARCH 29, 2017 What is the medium by which karma is carried from moment to moment, and lifetime to lifetime? What is it that creates this continuity? Bhikkhu Bodhi: It is a stream of consciousness, a

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Maestro Urban

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“Mindfulness is the content of one’s thoughts, feelings, images, memories, and consciousness itself. It is the psychological training in self-culture, self-improvement and self-help.” – Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor University of Massachusetts Medical School Mindfulness is the maintaining of moment-by-moment consciousness

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MAAI – Timing/Distancing

With any type of response such as a separate block and counter, as in go no sen, timing is of great importance.  In go no sen you must time your block correctly with the incoming attack. If you mistime the

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CMAC Merchandise Order

Dojo Merchandise Order Form 2017

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A modern dating horror story

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What Is Karma and How Does It Work? 1

BY LION’S ROAR STAFF| MARCH 29, 2017 The Buddha taught that because of karma, beings are bound to the ever-turning wheel of rebirth. Only when a person stops believing in the existence of a permanent and real self can he or

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Always a good choice

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Hanshi’s Note

The truth can never be televised only realized, is something that I tee everyone when I start to hear them forming beliefs and opinions from what they are fed on the television. Learning to develop  a discerning mind is a

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Honest advertising

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