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The Bartender’s Knife

The Chinatown district of Yokokama has been famous for its lively entertainment strip, which caters to the pleasure of tourists and servicemen. One hot summer night, not too many years ago, a seamen’s sayonara party was taking place in one

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Fueling the Body’s Fire

~ by Senpai Christian Schnabel 空手は湯の如し絶えず熱度を与えざれば元の水に還る Karate Wa Yu No Gotoku Taezu Netsu O Atae Zareba Motono Mizuni Kaeru Karate is like boiling water; without heat, it returns to its tepid state. –        Sensei Gichin Funakoshi, Niju Kun (Twenty Prrecepts)

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5. Taming the Bull

The whip and rope are necessary, Else he might stray off down some dusty road. Being well trained, he becomes naturally gentle. Then, unfettered, he obeys his master. Comment: When one thought arises, another thought follows. When the first thought

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Three Gates of Tosotsu

~A Zen Story Tosotsu built three barriers and made a monk pass through them. The first barrier is studying Zen. In studying Zen the aim is to see one’s own true nature. Now where is your true nature? Seondly, when

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Psychosomatic medicine

Think yourself well You can. But it helps to think well of yourself in the first place Article from the Dec 8th edition of The Economist http://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21567876-you-can-it-helps-think-well-yourself-first-place-think-yourself The link between mind and body is terrain into which many medical researchers,

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The Heart Sutra – His Holiness Dalai Lama

Heart Sutra Commentary on Form and Emptiness Comentary on Emptiness Summary for Daily Practice

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The Significance of Kata

Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyohan by Yamaguchi Gogen “The Cat” Editor’s note: This article is the second in a three part series excerpted from Yamaguschi’s classic karate text, “Goju Ryu Karate Do Kyohan: The History and Fundamentals of Goju-Ryu Karate,” now in

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Hanshi’s Note (Part 2)

“For those that know the way there are many – For those who practice the way there are few.” Youth is not a time of life it is a state of mind. Keep the wonder in your life by looking

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4. Catching the Bull

I seize him with a terrific struggle. His great will and power are inexhaustible. He charges to the high plateau far above the cloud-mists, Or in an impenetrable ravine he stands. Comment:  He dwelt in the forest a long time,

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The Taste of Banzo’s Sword

A Zen Story Matajuro Yagyu was the son of a famous swordsman. His father, believing that his son’s work was too mediocre to anticipate mastership, disowned him. So Matajuro went to Mount Futara and there found the famous Banzo confirmed

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