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… the World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations organization responsible for the global health, has an International EMF (electormagnetic fields) Project which is tasked with assessing the safety and the biological effects of non-ionizing radiofrequency / microwave radiation. That there is such a project should already be telling you something. But there’s another side of this of which you should be made aware for you and your family’s health. Please visit our website www.cmac1.com and go to our Important Links page and download the pdf “Setting the Standard for a Wireless World of Harm”. We’ve addressed the concerns abou the health hazards and negative impacts of EMF exporuser months ago referencing an excellend TEDx Talk by a Silicon-valley engineer (turned technology health advocate) Jeromy Johnson: Wireless Wake Up Call which you can find at www.emfanalysis.com. Both are VERY WORTH YOUR WHILE! Know the opponent.

~ Hanshi W.M.Platt

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How to control your opponant by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

To control opponents you must know kyo (open) off guard.

‘The worst off guard is mental off guard.

This happens if there is a mental kyo:

  1. Emotion becomes unstable .
  2. Ki is lost .
  3. Attention is fixed only in one place.

Physical Kyo:

  1. A person looses his balance.
  2. A person is in between movements.


Distance/Timing MAAI

Your own effective distance

your distance at which you are effective

Your opponent’s effective distance

your opponent’s distance at which he is effective .


The attack maybe the instant that there is kyo.



Both Left foot forward,

partner takes a hook at you,

step to the side and forward, ( stepping soto outside not uchi inside).

Never block inside against a stronger opponent.

If the hook is with the lead hand,

Step out with the right foot,

If the hook is with the reverse hand,

Step out with the left foot,

With your hand moving in a circle with his punch, not against it,

then come straight in and bump him with your shoulder.


Cut me if you can

Do Kyo Yetang was the teacher of Hakuin Ekaku Zenji, who gave the koans the sound of one

clapping , does a dog have Buddha nature and what was your face before it was


A samurai came to him, who had been practicing for 20 years and mastered every

style. He was puzzled as to which he should teach so he came to Yetang to ask advice.

Yetang gives him three punches,

knocks him to the ground and kicks him.

And all of a sudden, the Samurai achieved satori.


Every intellectual function has to do with

the world outside.

Satori is that sudden insight.


Then three other samurai came and asked the same question, but Yetang says no, they weren’t ready.

So they get angry and start to argue.

He tells them to cut him,

but only one gets up,

so again, he says no to all three.

They ask, where is your sword?

He says he needs no sword, but has a fan.

Try as they might, they couldn’t touch his arm.

Eventually one asked him why couldn’t they cut him?

– because he was the sword.

O’Sensei Him Hanshi

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Warrior’s Yoga Flow Seminar

Temples of Ankor, Cambodia, 2017

We are delighted to announce the Warrior’s Yoga flow Workshop to introduce the yoga program that we have at our dojo.

When: Sunday, April 23rd at 7:00 PM – 9:00PM

Fee: $20 per person (please bring cash)

What to expect: The workshop will start by a short introduction to yoga and how it complements martial arts; talk a bit about the energy centres called chakras and introduce the breathing techniques we use during yoga practice. There will be a guided meditation followed by an hour of vinyasa flow, ending with some restorative practices into final relaxation.

Who can join: You don’t need any previous yoga experience to join; however, it is essential that you are physically active and able to hold a plank for at least 10 seconds.

What to bring: Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and a small towel. Blocks and straps are highly recommended. If you don’t have a block bring a blanket that you can fold and use as one.

Registration: Please register by clicking this link: http://meetu.ps/e/CGsb3/vtv96/f 
or send me an e-mail yoga@ecesavas.com.

There is only limited space so if you are interested please let me know as soon as possible. 

Visit our website for more information. http://www.martialartstoronto.ca/programs/yoga/

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me anytime via email or in person.


Ece Savas

Nan Shaolin, China 2015

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6. Riding the Bull Home

Mounting the bull, slowly I return homeward.

The voice of my flute intones through the evening.

Measuring with hand-beats the pulsating harmony, I direct the endless melody.

Whoever hears this melody will join me.

Comment: This struggle is over; gain and loss are assimilated. I sing the song of the village woodsman, play the tunes of the children. Astride the bull, I observe the clouds above me. Onward I go, no matter who may wish to call me back.

Riding the Bull Home - Classical Martial Arts Centre - Toronto Central Region - Martial Arts classes offered in Toronto - Adults and Children - Karate-Do, Jiu Jitsu, Self-Defense, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Gung, Ba Gwa, Iaido, Jodo, Kobudo, Ancient Weaponry, Kali

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A Dog’s Purpose

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Demo for the Raptors

Well done everyone!
Well prepared,
Well executed,
well performed,
and I trust,
well enjoyed.
I have put in a request to the raptors brass for some Swag for you guys,
we’ll see what they come up with.
If anyone has any pictures or video of the performance, please send them along.
CMAC Toronto Central Region
Together in forward motion.
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Three Worlds by O’Sensei Kim

Three worlds:

  1. Phenomenal world of form;
  2. The world of no form;
  3. The world of desire which functions on three things:

greed, anger and ignorance.

These 3 things tie us to the world of desire.

This is only applicable to humans.



Western Philosophy :

Concept by Postulation

Concept by postulation has to do with the phenomenal world.

The five worlds:





taste, then



  1. For most western Philosophy, there is a definite beginning for example with Descartes.

-God is the prime mover.

God an Anthropopathic figure .

Like the Hellenic Divine view, God is still just super human.


  1. In the latter western view there is still a definite beginning and end.

God is not anthropopathic, but is energy.

For the Christian – the individual surrenders to Jesus Christ who carries the load.

Only human beings have consciousness.

Animals have instinct.


Eastern Philosophy:

Concept by Intuition

The phenomenal world passes by – it is empty.


Take a pen.

O’Sensei takes it and writes Japanese.

We take it and write English.

The pen doesn’t care.

It is not attached to anything.

It takes on the personality of the writer.

It is empty.

Emptiness for the East has to do with a sequence of time.

Time is directional and cannot come back so deal with the present – the now.

Ichie ichigo – right here now.

Every time is the only time,

every time is the last time.

Mucso – meditation – prayer is the way of tapping into the energy.

In the East you internalize the Buddha you receive his energy.

A Mantra is a chant that connects you to the real world.

Nam yo harin getyro the mantra for the lotus sutra.

If you use a mantra incorrectly it will backfire on you.


Four states of space has to do with suffering not as in pain:

  1. You want something you cannot get.
  2. Separation from a person, place or situation.
  3. Unfulfilled desire. You can never satisfy your senses.
  4. Associating with those that you don’t want to.

O Sensei Kim Hanshi

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Jamaican Diet

Bongs was turning 78 and was overweight, so his doctor put him on a diet.

The doctor said “now I want you to eat regularly for 2 days, then skip a day, and repeat this procedure for 2 weeks. The next time I see you, you should have lost at least 5 pounds.”

When Bongs returned, he shocked the doctor by having lost nearly 60 lbs!

“Why, that’s amazing!” the doctor said. “Did you follow my instructions?”

Bongs nodded… “I thought I wuz gonna drop dead on dat third day.”

“From the hunger you mean?” the doctor asked.

“Hell no, it was from all dat bloody skipping!”

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My Living Will

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