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Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜發財

Gong Xi Fa Cai 恭喜發財 This is the Year of Earth Dog, starting from February 16, 2018 and lasting to February 4, 2019. That is the 4715th Chinese year! Dog is the eleventh in the 12-year cycle of Chinese zodiac

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Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyohan

spy software for cell phones Goju-Ryu Karate  “The Cat” Yamaguchi was the legendary and colorful early 20th century karate master who founded Japanese Goju-Ryu – – one of Japan’s largest and most successful karate organizations. Among the many famous martial artists

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The Heart Sutra – His Holiness Dalai Lama

Heart Sutra

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The Big Three

  My sensei said. “Make no mistake about it, one thing’s for sure: In the martial arts. you are going to spend about half your time perfecting the basics. It is like a building that looks beautiful but has no

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Richard Kim, 20th Century Samurai

by Michael Haering  The place looks not unlike a typical college classroom.  Fifteen to 20 people crowd around a couple of long, conference tables sandwiched together in the middle of a large room.  Another 20 students spill into folding chairs

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Hanshi’s note Part 2

I highly recommend during the 12 days of Christmas,when you can, is to have some quiet days and silent nights for yourself; to unplug, light a candle, slow down, go quiet inside and contemplate your efforts over the last 12

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Gosei Yamaguchi – The Constant Innovator Part 2

From Father to Sons But Goju was not to remain the sole province of Japan and Okinawa.  Mr. Yamaguchi’s younger brother, Gosen Yamaguchi, was the first son to move to the United States, attending two years at San Francisco State

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Gosei Yamaguchi – The Constant Innovator Part 1

Sensei Gogen YamaguchiIt was near the end of the interview when we realized it. I asked when his father had passes away, and he gave me the date, May 20, 1989. “Come to think of it, what a coincidence!” said Gosei Yamaguchi. “In Japan they are a day ahead.” The date in San Francisco, where we spoke, was May 19, 1995.
Yet the conversation, while beginning with Mr. Yamaguchi’s famous father Gogen Yamaguchi and his life in Japan, had also traveled across the ocean, to the large, sunlit Goju-Kai dojo where we sat. For Gosei Yamaguchi has not merely carried on his father’s ways, but has continued them. Think of it” To follow the ways of an innovator, you, too, must innovate, and this Mr. Yamaguchi has done.

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Hanshi’s Note

In zen it is said if you try to grasp movement you are met with stillness; when you attempt to grasp stillness you are met with movement, like a fish under water creating a ripple on the surface…very elusive indeed.

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Maestro Urban

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