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 Whether on the defensive side or striking side, it is important to have a proper method formation of power followed by the technique’s three phases.  The basic formation of power is understood as such: Power is rooted by the feet,

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MAAI – Timing/Distancing

With any type of response such as a separate block and counter, as in go no sen, timing is of great importance.  In go no sen you must time your block correctly with the incoming attack. If you mistime the

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How Toronto Works: Natasha Sharpe

An afternoon at the Toronto Police Services Board meeting Going to events like Doors Open Toronto this summer was a great way to show the family how major city services are delivered to our homes.   Showing children the day-to-day activities

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AI UCHI The concept in CMAC is to stay out of trouble whenever possible. The best form of self-defence is not to be there in the first place. If that is not possible there is a Chinese dictum – “we

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The Physics of Karate Do by Mr. Harris Snyder

Why do the techniques we are taught work so well? An area of considerable interest (in my experience) among martial arts students is the interface between karate and physics.  Are there any habits we’ve been picking up that actually make

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To maximize power use body dynamics, By O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

If you hit somebody weather the person is knocked out, depends upon 2 factors: 1 – The mental condition of your opponent; 2 – How hard you hit the person.   . Body Rotation Rotational Momentum – expansion & contraction.

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The Elements By O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

The Elements Metal, Earth, Fire, Wood, Water. Wood weakens water. Earth unites water. Water extinguishes fire. Wood fears metal.   The Steps of a Kata The forward steps are metal. The back steps are wood. The left steps are fire. The right steps are

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CHAKRAS – part 6 by Ece Savas

  AJNA CHAKRA (THIRD EYE) ‘command, authority’ Associated with all elements – LIGHT – colour INDIGO Located at in the middle of forehead – Stimulates pineal glen Symbolizes the wisdom that brings life and balance to all chakras. Energy of this

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Déjà vu, by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

One of Miyamoto Musashi’s student’s went down to survey the battleground, before a duel, but he was too casual. He thought it would be an easy match. Miyamoto Musashi told his student to cancel, but the student would not. Musashi. ran

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Yoga poses for Shiko Dachi and Let-go of Negative Emotions – Part 2 by Ece Savas

(cont’d) Click to Read Part 1 Stat with pose 1 and 2… IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your body is warmed up before getting into stretches. Move slowly and mindfully at all times. Feeling tight muscle pain is normal but

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