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Timing by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

Kake Waza – charging without the opponent making a move Osi Waza – responding to the opponent’s attack – a counter. Sen – ahead – beat the opponent to the punch. Go No Sen – Late arrives ahead – when

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How to control your opponant by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

To control opponents you must know kyo (open) off guard. ‘The worst off guard is mental off guard. This happens if there is a mental kyo: Emotion becomes unstable . Ki is lost . Attention is fixed only in one

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Three Worlds by O’Sensei Kim

Three worlds: Phenomenal world of form; The world of no form; The world of desire which functions on three things: greed, anger and ignorance. These 3 things tie us to the world of desire. This is only applicable to humans.    

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The Big Three: Expansion, Contraction, Snap!

Here is an article by O’Sensei Kim on the importance of basics, and in particular, expansion and contraction. Please read the article in full at the link below. Click here to read or download the full pdf.

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Meaning of the Bushido

Read about the meaning of the Kanji character for Bushido. Download or read the pdf here.

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Video on China’s Historic Boat Boxing

There is an interesting and useful video on China’s English language news network about the historic art of Boat Boxing in the city of Zhujiajiao. Please go here to see the video: http://english.cntv.cn/2014/07/20/VIDE1405867439432855.shtml

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O’Sensei Kim Article from Black Belt Magazine

This article from Black Belt Magazine looks at O’Sensei Kim’s training methods, style, and more. Read the whole article here.

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Training with the Cat

This pdf details the brutal workouts of Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi, as recalled by an American student who studied under Sensei Yamaguchi during the American occupation of Japan shortly after the end of World War 2. Read the full pdf here.

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Kata Groupings and Senior Kata Names

This pdf discusses the names and translations of the senior Kata learned at Shodan and above, as well as the different groupings of kata (Fukyu, Kihon, and Kaishu). Click here to read or download the pdf.

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Protein Intake and Hydration

Strength training relies on protein and hydration. This excellent article covers the basics and offers basic recipes to get the protein you need. Read the full pdf here.

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