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Searching for Lady Kung Fu from The New Youk Times

Angela Mao was as famous as Bruce Lee when she was amartial arts film star during the 1970s. Then she seemed to vanish. It turns out she’s been in Queens this whole time. At the reception for an Asian film festival

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Multiple sclerosis: Doctors back unconventional treatment BY TRACY BOWDEN

Doctors back unconventional treatment for multiple sclerosis Two doctors who were previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) claim an unconventional treatment cleared them of the symptoms of the disease. Key points: MS is the most common disabling disease in young

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The Big Three: Expansion, Contraction, Snap!

Here is an article by O’Sensei Kim on the importance of basics, and in particular, expansion and contraction. Please read the article in full at the link below. Click here to read or download the full pdf.

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O’Sensei Kim Article from Black Belt Magazine

This article from Black Belt Magazine looks at O’Sensei Kim’s training methods, style, and more. Read the whole article here.

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Training with the Cat

This pdf details the brutal workouts of Sensei Gogen Yamaguchi, as recalled by an American student who studied under Sensei Yamaguchi during the American occupation of Japan shortly after the end of World War 2. Read the full pdf here.

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Protein Intake and Hydration

Strength training relies on protein and hydration. This excellent article covers the basics and offers basic recipes to get the protein you need. Read the full pdf here.

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Translations of Kata Names and the Word “Kata”

The Japanese character (kanji) for the word Kata has a long history. The names of the Goju core kata also have both exoteric and esoteric meanings. Please review them in the pdf below. Read the full pdf here.

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O’Sensei Kim on Tradition, Standards, and Discipline

In this Martial Arts Mini Guide, O’Sensei Kim discusses the history and true core of the martial arts, the meaning of the ranks, the purpose and uses of discipline, and much more. Click here to read the full article or

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Neuroscientist Touts Benefits of Meditation for Kids

Neuroscientist touts benefits of meditation for kids.

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The Circle of Power

~by Richard Kim, Ph.D. Sensei and I were high in the mountains overlooking Yugawara.  The air was crisp and we stood silently, breathing and enjoying the clean air. Sensei broke the silence by saying softly, “Stand as if in attention,”

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