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Gautama to Bhodidharma

by Allan Watts

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Testing the Crane

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How to Count to 10 in Mandarin Chinese

Christine from Hasu dojo is back with a lesson on how to count from 1 to 10 in Chinese. Please listen carefully to the tones and let’s all do our best to pronounce them correctly when we’re counting in class.

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Chinese Tones Tutorial

Christine from Hasu dojo has very kindly recorded a series of tutorials to help us improve our pronunciation and understanding of Mandarin Chinese. This video shows us how to pronounce the four tones in Mandarin Chinese. Enjoy!

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A Dream Come True: Kirin Ad

A Dream Come True: Kirin Ad

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Multiple sclerosis: Doctors back unconventional treatment BY TRACY BOWDEN

Doctors back unconventional treatment for multiple sclerosis Two doctors who were previously diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) claim an unconventional treatment cleared them of the symptoms of the disease. Key points: MS is the most common disabling disease in young

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Video on China’s Historic Boat Boxing

There is an interesting and useful video on China’s English language news network about the historic art of Boat Boxing in the city of Zhujiajiao. Please go here to see the video: http://english.cntv.cn/2014/07/20/VIDE1405867439432855.shtml

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Meditation Blocks Inflammation and Aging

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Muhammad Ali Special Report

ABC News did a special report on the life and impact of Muhammad Ali – it can be viewed here: Click here to view the full video.

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Reducing Your EMF Pollution — Exploring Practical Solutions

Watch this quick video for tips from EMF expert Jeromy Johnson on how to protect your home and family while still staying “connected.”

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