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The Story of the Jewel

There was the most precious of jewels placed in the sea near the shore so that all could see it and marvel at it’s beauty. Over time and the passing of many generations, the climate changed and the large winds

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Hanshi’s Note

In zen it is said if you try to grasp movement you are met with stillness; when you attempt to grasp stillness you are met with movement, like a fish under water creating a ripple on the surface…very elusive indeed.

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What is Kama and how does it work? 3

BY LION’S ROAR STAFF| MARCH 29, 2017 Should one try to convince a Westerner just coming to Buddhism to accept the principles of karma and rebirth fully? Bhikkhu Bodhi: I wouldn’t begin by trying to impose the full weight of

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Wellspring Warrior

Wellspring Update I’m back. All went very well! Thanks to all those who donated to my  Wellspring fundraising page as an ambassador for the Toronto to Miami Peloton Challenge. When I last looked, donors had contributed $1,750 towards my personal

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Déjà vu, by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

One of Miyamoto Musashi’s student’s went down to survey the battleground, before a duel, but he was too casual. He thought it would be an easy match. Miyamoto Musashi told his student to cancel, but the student would not. Musashi. ran

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Ai Zuchi = The meeting of minds. by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

The harmony of three forging a blade. Soto soton jikan deskara. “Gee it ‘s hot…   I’m thirsty…  Let’s get some beer. Miyamoto Musashi had a son (adopted). He had not seen him for 20 years, when he heard that he

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Timing by O’Sensei Kim Hanshi

Kake Waza – charging without the opponent making a move Osi Waza – responding to the opponent’s attack – a counter. Sen – ahead – beat the opponent to the punch. Go No Sen – Late arrives ahead – when

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Musashi & Sasaki

By O’Sensei Kim Miyamoto Musashi. In the beginning he had a very big match against the master swordsman at the time, Sasaki from Irakuni . Two days earlier, he went to the beach on the island where the duel was

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The Mother and the Monk

By O’Sensei Kim A family wants son to be a monk. Mum says once you are a monk, you must cut yourself off from us completely. The son joins the Temple. But later, mum wants to see him. The Monk sends

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Become a lake

From Senpai Phillips An aging master grew tired of his apprentice’s complaints. One morning, he sent him to get some salt. When the apprentice returned, the master told him to mix a handful of salt in a glass of water

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