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Grading Results – June 1st, 2018

Dans: Karate-Do РSandan Mr. Raghavan Karate-Do РNidan Mr. Pesteh Kobudo РShodan Malcolm Hamilton Jacob Tyrie Samantha Omand Karate-Do: Adults 2nd Kyu Joel Buxton РIP Lionel Ntibayindusha 3rd Kyu Netta Novich РIP Rodolfo Realin Jr. РIP

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    I recognize and accept that there is a bigger picture than I perceive and everything is coming together in perfect timing.

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The order of importance for learning Budo by Kimeda Sensei

The order of importance for learning Budo I Shin, – First your mind   Ni Gan, – Second your eyes San Soku, – Third your feet or steps Yon Te – Fourth your hands. However, ¬†your learn them in the

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Gung fu fighting

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Direct Pointing

On the other hand, life style ideas provide the most suitable choice for maintaining the weight off long-term, as you understand to create healthier food stuff options and include training Chinese bee pollen into your each day regime. Furthermore, “quick

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The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai

Japan’s First Government Sanctioned Budo Association ~by Pat McCarthy The samurai warriors of ancient Japan lived with a philosophy unique in the annals of mankind: they pledged their very lives as an act of loyalty to their lords. To sacrifice

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  I know there are infinite ways of looking at things, and I open myself to exploring and learning from different points of view.

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