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Hanshi’s Note

In zen it is said if you try to grasp movement you are met with stillness; when you attempt to grasp stillness you are met with movement, like a fish under water creating a ripple on the surface…very elusive indeed.

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Hanshi’s Note

The truth can never be televised only realized, is something that I tee everyone when I start to hear them forming beliefs and opinions from what they are fed on the television. Learning to develop  a discerning mind is a

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Hanshi’s Note

Quiet Zen Only when the mind is settled can it become quiet and only when the mind is quiet can it become still; it’s only when the mind is still can it see and when the mind can see then

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Aug 21 solar eclipse mass meditation from Hanshi Platt

Time: 2.10pm EDT Duration; 15 mins Greeting to All, We are now in the 888 portal between eclipses of a powerful manifestation energy that will be used as a focus of co-creation energy  for the mass mediation . Monday August 21 at

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Hanshi’s note

The purpose of Budo is ultimately to enhance one’s reality. From learning the basic skills of self defence to eliminate fear of life itself, to learning how to express the true self as a finely tuned focused individual with a

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Note from Hanshi – October 2016

Kata is the soul of karate – at the heart of the grading is the kata performance as a way to demonstrate one’s understanding and skill development while testing. One can show how they have gained proper biomechanics and applications

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