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A Martial Artist trip to Israel

From Mr. Spiar The city that is now Tel Aviv-Yafo used to be two separate entities: Tel Aviv was founded by 60 Jewish immigrant families in 1909, on the outskirts of the ancient port city of Yafo (aka Jaffa). Tel

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*UPDATED* Move-by-Move Pronunciation and Translation for Shi San Tai Bao

Click here to read and download the move-by-move pronunciations and translations for Shi san tai bao. If you are planning on coming to China this year, please make an effort to learn the names of these moves.

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Cultivating Our Inner Invincible Intent

CMAC West Camp 2013 (1)Wow, what a fantastic weekend of martial arts!  It is always a privilege to able to enjoy a seminar with Hanshi Platt, so a full weekend of seminars is something super-special! …

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Going Walk-About: From Hasu Dojo to the Kurama Yama and Ka Muso Kai Dojos

“All monks were great travellers. They walked for miles and miles through fields, and over mountains, going from temple to temple looking for those who would get their spark to flash… to cause them reach Wu or satoryi” Alan Watts

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CMAC Shaolin

The last week was great!!! The weather was good so we did allot of training and running. Morgan and I ran all the way to the top of the mountain. I’m defiantly going to miss this place and the mentality

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Shaolin Disciple

Ni Hao Everyone Second week has been great! I’ve really settled in and gotten into the swing of things here. My Mandarin is coming along better now and I’ve got an American roommate who is fluent, so whatever I don’t

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CMAC Shaolin

Cole Williams Shodan, Aged 19, Kohai of the CMAC Mokurai Dojo in New Zealand, Joined us for our 2 week CMAC training tour of Wudang, Quanzhou and Yong Chong. Then he took up the challenge and is staying at the

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CMAC Trip to Wudang Shan (2004 & 2007) – Birthplace of Tai Chi Chuan

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CMAC Trip to Sedona, AZ (2007)

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CMAC Trip to Tibet (2004 & 2007)

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