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Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Kyohan

spy software for cell phones Goju-Ryu Karate  “The Cat” Yamaguchi was the legendary and colorful early 20th century karate master who founded Japanese Goju-Ryu – – one of Japan’s largest and most successful karate organizations. Among the many famous martial artists

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No Loving Kindness

~a Zen Story There was an old woman in china who had the support of a monk for over twenty years. She had built a little hut for him and fed him while he was meditating. Finally she wondered just

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 Whether on the defensive side or striking side, it is important to have a proper method formation of power followed by the technique’s three phases.  The basic formation of power is understood as such: Power is rooted by the feet,

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MAAI – Timing/Distancing

With any type of response such as a separate block and counter, as in go no sen, timing is of great importance.  In go no sen you must time your block correctly with the incoming attack. If you mistime the

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AI UCHI The concept in CMAC is to stay out of trouble whenever possible. The best form of self-defence is not to be there in the first place. If that is not possible there is a Chinese dictum – “we

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Hanshi’s Note

Quiet Zen Only when the mind is settled can it become quiet and only when the mind is quiet can it become still; it’s only when the mind is still can it see and when the mind can see then

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The Kung Fu Nuns of Nepal

From the BBC: Dressed in traditional maroon robes modified in the style of karate uniforms, the women’s smiling faces concealed an incredible energy and strength. These are the Kung-Fu nuns: Nepal’s only female order to practice the deadly martial art

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Chinese Kung Fu – Power of Southern Boxing


Chinese Kung Fu Documentary on Southern Style Boxing.

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Chinese Kung Fu – Wudang


Part of a Chinese Documentary on Wudang.

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7. The Bull Transcended

 Astride the bull, I reach home. I am serene. The bull too can rest. Dawn has come. I blissful repose, Within my thatched dwelling I have abandoned the whip and rope. Comment: All is one law, not two. We only

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