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Old school Summer Lovin’

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Introduction to Chakras From “Chakras for beginners” 4

Awakening the Centres The Tibetan suggests the following requirements: 1. Character building This may seem to be a dull and unexciting requirement. However, all spiritual movement takes place within the framework of ordinary life. This first requirement reminds us that

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 I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest.       I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.

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Chakras – part 7 by Ece Savas

SAHASRARA CHARA (CROWN CHAKRA) ‘thousand petals’ Beyond elements (Ether / Spirit) – beyond colour – Beyond form Located at the top of the head. Symbolizes the full manifestation of enlightened awareness. It is said to be the seat of the

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Yoga poses for Shiko Dachi Part 3, by Ece Savas

(cont’d) Click to Read Part 1 and Part 2 Stat loosening to hips with the previous poses 1 to 3…           IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure your body is warmed up before getting into stretches. Move

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Yoga poses for Shiko Dachi and to let-go of Negative Emotions – Part 1 by Ece Savas

Shiko Dachi, also known as Sumo Stance is one of the basic stances in Martial Arts. It is a low stance with both knees are bent, upper thighs are 30 to 15 degrees to your shins, knees are directly over

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CHAKRAS – part 2 by Ece Savas

Trying to explain chakras is like explaining colors to a blind person. The word ‘chakra’ चक्र is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” as well as “circle” and “cycle”. A common metaphor used in ancient text to describe chakra is

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And this too shall pass

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Mother earth’s Chakras

This Is Where Earth’s Most Powerful Energetic Points And Chakras Are Located… Just like we have our own energy centers or chakras, Mother Earth also has hers. When you start looking into the nature of this Universe and the Earth, you

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A quick guide to healthy living?

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