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Easter Parade Demonstration

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The Taste of Banzo’s Sword

A Zen Story Matajuro Yagyu was the son of a famous swordsman. His father, believing that his son’s work was too mediocre to anticipate mastership, disowned him. So Matajuro went to Mount Futara and there found the famous Banzo confirmed

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 Whether on the defensive side or striking side, it is important to have a proper method formation of power followed by the technique’s three phases.  The basic formation of power is understood as such: Power is rooted by the feet,

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MAAI – Timing/Distancing

With any type of response such as a separate block and counter, as in go no sen, timing is of great importance.  In go no sen you must time your block correctly with the incoming attack. If you mistime the

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Let it go

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AI UCHI The concept in CMAC is to stay out of trouble whenever possible. The best form of self-defence is not to be there in the first place. If that is not possible there is a Chinese dictum – “we

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Maestro Urban

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ZANSHIN from Yaku Soku Kumite Volume 1

Zanshin is a term frequently used in CMAC for its importance related to spiritual health and efficiency. It refers to a state of awareness – of relaxed alertness. A literal translation of zanshin is “remaining mind.” Before an encounter, it

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Searching for Lady Kung Fu from The New Youk Times

Angela Mao was as famous as Bruce Lee when she was amartial arts film star during the 1970s. Then she seemed to vanish. It turns out she’s been in Queens this whole time. At the reception for an Asian film festival

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Grading Results – September 1, 2017

Karate-Do: Adult Shodan Mr. John Martinez (S) 2nd Kyu Lou Piccioni 5th Kyu Shrawani Ghosh Karate-Do: Youth Blue/Brown Alexander Boritz (S) 2nd Kyu Benjamin Boritz (S) 3rd Kyu Dylan Ramm (S) Karate-Do: Children Yellow/Orange Alexander Sharpe Jack Potocnik 5th Kyu Devon Thomas

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