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Children's Goju Ryu Karate-Do

Our classical martial arts programme can provide essential skills needed for your child to succeed in life.

  • Karate-Do

  • Jiu Jitsu

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Discipline

  • Improved Concentration

  • Improved Attention Span

Children’s Karate-Do Programme


Breathing techniques taught at CMAC Hasu, Sakura & Enzan Dojo are a form of meditation and help students deal with the daily stress and pressure associated with exams, quizzes and reports. The increased self-confidence which Martial Artists develop is connected to better physical and mental health, better appearance, and better academic performance.

Improving Attention Span & Self Discipline

The Martial Arts provide young people with self-defense knowledge which enables them to concentrate on academics without added distractions and anxiety stemming from insecurity. Most students show an improved ability to concentrate both in terms of the quality of concentration and length of their attention span.

Goal Development

The discipline acquired in the Dojo goes a long way to forming positive relationships within schools. After consistent training students emerge with an increased level of mental discipline. The student learns that big goals can be achieved if they develop goal setting strategies.

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A great turning point in my life was the day I signed my two boys up for Karate-Do. I decided to join too. I was 40 years old. That was 16 years ago and I now train up to 10 hours a week. In the early days my business kept me away about half the time, but our Sensei (teacher) was very accommodating. He has now coached me through my 3rd Dan (Degree) of which I am very proud. It is invigorating to have a great teacher and leader in your life–which you will have if you join CMAC.
I decided to do karate along with my son for many reasons; initially for the workout as I needed to be more active again and as an opportunity to spend more time with my son and have something in common that we could do together.
I’ve studied Karate in the past, and I know that Karate-do is a journey to become a better person and it also builds up your confidence and self-esteem as you progress.
CMAC Toronto Central Region has 3 great dojo and Sensei Williams is helping immensely to accomplish my goals!”
Student and Parent

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