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Tradition, Standards & Discipline

The core of true martial arts is the rising and advancing of the spirit. Sadly, in modern times the true “heart” of budo has taken a back seat to ego, the lust for fame and fortune, and public gullibility. Famed

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The Bartender’s Knife

The Chinatown district of Yokokama has been famous for its lively entertainment strip, which caters to the pleasure of tourists and servicemen. One hot summer night, not too many years ago, a seamen’s sayonara party was taking place in one

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The Circle of Power

~by Richard Kim, Ph.D. Sensei and I were high in the mountains overlooking Yugawara.  The air was crisp and we stood silently, breathing and enjoying the clean air. Sensei broke the silence by saying softly, “Stand as if in attention,”

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Morality in Karate

~by O’Sensei Richard Kim (excerpt from The Weaponless Warrior) During the Satsuma occupation of Okinawa, a Japanese samurai, who had lent money to a fisherman, made a trip on collection day to Itoman Province where the fisherman lived. Unable to

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The Dai Nippon Butoku Kai

Japan’s First Government Sanctioned Budo Association ~by Pat McCarthy The samurai warriors of ancient Japan lived with a philosophy unique in the annals of mankind: they pledged their very lives as an act of loyalty to their lords. To sacrifice

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The Big Three

  My sensei said. “Make no mistake about it, one thing’s for sure: In the martial arts. you are going to spend about half your time perfecting the basics. It is like a building that looks beautiful but has no

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Richard Kim, 20th Century Samurai

by Michael Haering  The place looks not unlike a typical college classroom.  Fifteen to 20 people crowd around a couple of long, conference tables sandwiched together in the middle of a large room.  Another 20 students spill into folding chairs

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